AquaVentura Slidepark is closed for the 2023 season! See you next year! Follow our online opening calendar for the latest updates regarding the opening days and times.

Extra water entertainment in Hellendoorn! Aquaventura Slidepark is an outdoor waterpark with 5000m2 of water. There are 11 spectacular waterslides, every one of them has a unique design! The slides are equipped with slip trays, there is no pool. The waterpark provides entertainment for every age group! Besides the 11 spectacular slildes there is a water playground for the youngest kids.

Beware: dogs are not allowed in Aquaventura Slidepark

Tickets Aquaventura Slidepark

For just €4,00 you can buy a ticket for the slidepark. Tickets are available until 13.00 in the store, and after 13.00 at the entrance of the Slidepark.

Opening calendar

Choose a date to see the opening times of the Avonturenpark and the Aquaventura Slidepark. Always check the calendar on your day of visit to see if anything changes. Opening times of the Aquaventura Slidepark are dependant on the weather and can be changed without an announcement.

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Spectacular waterpark with slides!

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If you are planning on visiting the slidepark, don't forget to bring your swimshort and towel.

Aquaventura Slidepark can only be visited by visitors of Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. It's not possible to leave Avonturenpark Hellendoorn from the slidepark.

The waterpark has a certain maximum capacity. When this is reached, visitors will no longer be allowed in.


For just €4,00 you can get a ticket for the waterpark. Because the openings times are mostly dependant on the weather, it's not possible to buy your tickets up front.

Tickets are available until 13.00 in the store, and after 13.00 at the entrance of the Slidepark.

A ticket to the Aquaventura Slidepark can only be used once. If you leave the waterpark and want to enter again, you need to buy a new ticket.