Entrance fees and possibilities

Annual passes, group fees, flextickets en tickets by date. Avonturenpark Hellendoorn offers several entrancefees and possibilities.
Beware: tickets by date are dynamic. This means that the price can increase if it's a busy day or when the date is getting nearer. Ordering on time means a higher discount!


Parking ticket

€ 7,50


€ 4,00

Dog ticket

€ 3,50

Change your day of visit

Vanaf € 2,50

It's your birthday? That means free entry!

Happy birthday! If kids up to 12 years old visit our park on their birthday, they get free entry* to the Avonturenpark and Slidepark.You don't need to make a reservation if it's your birthday, but you do need to bring your ID card.

*doesn't apply to the birthday arrangement, and can't be used together with other actions or arrangements. 



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